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Nanrobot Electric Scooters

Skooter Trade offers a fine variety of top-quality and high-performance portable Nanrobot electric scooters. These environmental-friendly e-scooters, equipped with long-range capacity and powerful motors, are the future of mobility across cities in Metro Manila, as well as urban and leisure tours anywhere in the Philippines. Choose from a wide range of top-quality portable electric scooters, from lightweight durable commuter scooters to beefier high-end performance enthusiast electric scooters.

52v 23.4 Ah (2000W)

48V 18Ah (1600W)

52V 26Ah (2000W)

60V 22.4Ah (LG) (2000W)

72V 30Ah (LG) (4800W)

Nanrobot d6+ Electric Scooter Philippines

E-mobility is the future


Electric mobility is not only the in-demand trend, but the future of transportation. E-scooters are currently the most innovative and useful form of transportation in the ever-so-busy cities of Metro Manila. Whether you’re a professional traversing cities to go to work, or an enthusiast looking to enjoy a sight-seeing ride, these eco-friendly electric scooters are the perfect solution to travel.

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