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Be our part of our affiliate/referral electric scooter program!

Limited slots available


Be part of the ever-growing new normal alternatives and join our community influencer program. Start earning while having fun.


How does the Community Influencer Program work?

The Community affiliate/referral program allows you to recommend Nanrobot scooters on your social media and earn a commission for each approved purchase made by your followers.

How much can I earn?

We reward commissions on every approved purchase of Nanrobot Scooters.

  • If Skooter Trade has NO ongoing promos, all affiliates/referrals will earn 5%
  • If Skooter Trade has ongoing promos, all affiliates/referrals will earn 2%

The more approved purchases made by your followers, the more commission you can earn. (Approved purchases: Full payment has been made)

Who qualifies for this program?

Any Community Influencer with enthusiasm for Electric Scooter can participate in this program. You must have an at least one of the channels: Instagram/ Facebook/ YouTube/ TikTok to be considered. For the selection process, our team will discuss and approve. Once the decision has been made we will notify you via email and give you your unique code.

One of your channels must meet the minimum requirement of 1000 followers.